Yorkshire Countrywomen’s Association

Thorp Arch & Walton Branch

YCA was founded in the early 1990s to educate, inform and give local women, of all ages, an opportunity to meet up, socialise and learn about new developments in the arts, handicrafts, the county of Yorkshire and events taking place in the world. 

Our two villages have grown considerably during the past twenty years; new women have moved into the area and perhaps are not aware that they are most welcome to come to any of the YCA monthly meetings. 

The YCA meetings are held in Lady Hastings School Hall in Thorp Arch Village on the third Tuesday of any one month, the only exception being when there is a school holiday. 

The meetings commence at 7.30pm and usually finish at just after 9pm. At each meeting we have a speaker or perhaps a demonstration. A short ‘Business’ time takes place  when minutes are read from the previous month’s meeting, this is an advantage, as it enables members to be updated of any plans/information they may have missed.

An annual subscription of £10 is made and for senior citizen’s a subscription of £9.

If your time is limited, there is no pressure to attend each month – one can ‘cherry pick’ the evenings which most appeal to you.

Thorp Arch & Walton YCA would very much like potential new members to come along, free of charge or commitment and meet us. Particularly during the winter months it is rather nice to have an excuse to get away from the TV, enjoy a chat and an opportunity to meet neighbours and other village people.

Thorp Arch and Walton need to maintain their ‘village’ feel but are also very much part of the wider community. If you have moved to the country to take part in the village life, this could be your golden opportunity!

It’s not all baking and jam making – but we do that too! If you require further information about YCA please telephone Sarah Priestley on 842232 or Joan Charlton on 843041